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Best-in-class learning at Nexton Elementary

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a great education is built into the community

The way we see it, education is mission-critical for any community. So we're working on multiple fronts, with partners such as Berkeley County School District and local universities, to make sure every home in Nexton comes with a top-notch K-12 education as well as opportunities for lifelong learning.

it's official: nexton elementary rocks

Don't take our word for it. In its inaugural year, Nexton Elementary earned high praise as Rookie School of the Year from the South Carolina PTA. An award for children's wellness. And recognition as the region's only Common Sense Digital Leadership School. From coding clubs to veggie gardens, Nexton Elementary scores an A+ for innovation.

technology for best-in-class learning

It's been estimated that over half of today's grade-school students will end up in jobs that haven't been invented yet. Good news: As South Carolina's only gigabit school community, Nexton Elementary gives kids super-fast internet access. That plus coding club, tablet computers for every child, and digital citizenship education equals students ready for whatever the future may hold.

getting to school on your own two feet

Good things happen when kids walk or bike to school. They make new friends, get more exercise and take more responsibility for themselves. (They also make life easier for Mom and Dad.) Our point is that the best schools are the ones that are good and close. Which is one more reason why neighborhood schools are a big deal in Nexton.

never be late
to school again


Well, at least distance won't be the reason. Use this interactive map to find homesites close to Nexton Elementary. Or explore all the homes of Nexton.

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