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In a surprisingly short time, Nexton has become a real place. With real parks. Real front porches. A really good school. And really nice neighbors. It’s a place where everything's close to everything else. Businesses. Homes. Apartments. Shops. Restaurants. Connected to each other by trails and nature. And connected to the world through leading-edge technology.

So come out for a visit. Nexton is just 25 minutes from historic Charleston and five minutes from downtown Summerville. Start your tour at the Greeting House, where you’ll find lots of information and maybe a little something to sip on. Then explore the model homes. Take a stroll down a trail or over to the Great Lawn. Maybe check out the Swim Club. And, well, see if Nexton doesn’t already feel like home.

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THE GREETING HOUSE INFORMATION STUDIO is the place to begin your exploration of Nexton and our first residential village, Brighton Park.

We're open daily:

Monday - Saturday: 10 - 5
Sunday: 12 - 5

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Nexton has a location that puts the entire region at your fingertips. And with Charleston growing right up the I-26 corridor, this is the place to be.

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