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09 November . 2023

Savor the Open Air: Nexton’s Alfresco Dining Guide

As the crisp autumn air moves in, isn't it just the perfect time to bundle up and enjoy some outdoor dining? At Nexton, there’s a world of goodness right on your doorstep. Whether you're craving a juicy steak, a zesty taco, or just a cool place to chill with friends, our alfresco dining scene is on point! Below, some local favorites where the eats are as delightful as the outdoor seats. 


Halls Chophouse

Swing by 300 Nexton Square Drive, where Halls Chophouse has the grill fired up and ready to serve. Their patio is the talk of the town, offering a mix of top-notch steaks, warm smiles from the staff, and an ambiance that's just right for making memories. Wrap your hands around a warm drink and cut into a steak that's cooked to perfection. And hey, don't skip their famous sides - they're a must-try! Their outdoor heaters make it a November nook you won't want to leave.

Poogan’s Southern Kitchen

At 101 Nexton Square Drive, Poogan's is serving up a big helping of Southern hospitality. Their outdoor patio, friendly to both conversations and canines, is the ideal spot to unwind. With classic dishes prepared from scratch, Poogan's ensures each visit is soaked in tradition and Southern charm. 

Fuji Sushi

Over at 501 Front Street, Fuji Sushi is rolling out the good times with sushi that’s as fresh as the open air. The outdoor ambiance complements the daily happy hour and the array of sushi specials that await. Whether you're in for a family dinner or a night out with friends, the laid-back setting here pairs perfectly with their extensive wine, beer, and sake selection.

Taco Boy Nexton

Get into the groove with Taco Boy's vibrant locale. Their greenhouse patio is perfect for those who love tacos as much as they love a good time. Tequila Tuesday, anyone? Plus, there's always something happening to pair with your margaritas and guac. 

The CODfather

Experience authentic British fare with The CODfather…but without England’s typical rainy, foggy climate. Their outdoor seating offers a unique spot to enjoy some fish & chips while soaking in the mild November weather—no transatlantic flight required. Not into fish? Try the pies - they’re smashing!

Carolina Ale House

Just a block from Nexton Square, find your spot at Carolina Ale House, where crafty beers pair with sporty cheers. This family-friendly restaurant doesn't just offer an impressive beer list and a menu full of American pub favorites, but also an atmosphere where every game is best enjoyed with a side of fresh air. Their flexible patio can be open for cool evenings or zipped tight when the chill becomes too much. Now that's what we call a win-win!


The Co-op Frosé & Eatery

Swing by The Hub for The Co-op's legendary Frosé and a fun atmosphere that's as refreshing as their drinks. With gourmet deli offerings and lively music on the patio every Saturday, this spot is the perfect way to kick back and relax! It's the place to be for a guaranteed good time and a chilled glass of your favorite frosé that even the kids will beg to go to. The turf lawn adjacent to the dining area is perfect for littles who need to get out the wiggles! 


Buffalo Wild Wings

Wing lovers, unite at 117 North Creek Drive Unit A! Buffalo Wild Wings has a chair waiting for you in their expansive outdoor seating area. Pick your favorite sauce and get ready to cheer on your team. From sweet to scorching, find your flavor while enjoying a game here on a pleasant Nexton evening.

Page's Okra Grill Food Truck: Rolling Out the Welcome Mat

At 142 Brighton Park Blvd, Page's Okra Grill Food Truck offers a preview of the Southern hospitality that awaits at their future restaurant location. With a menu boasting Lowcountry favorites and homemade desserts, dining here is a down-to-earth experience meant to be savored outdoors. We’re keeping our eyes locked on construction status so we can be among the first to celebrate when their expansive new restaurant opens - complete with scenic outdoor seting.

Coming Soon: The Pickle Bar

Keep your eyes peeled for The Pickle Bar, soon to debut at 162 Cherry Street beside The Hub at Nexton. It's a one-of-a-kind hangout where pickleball meets mouthwatering Southern eats. A grand opening is imminent, so ready your paddles and parties!

The November Scoop

Nexton's all about embracing each season, and November gives us a delightful excuse to enjoy the great outdoors with delicious food. Whether it’s basking in the glow of patio heaters, enjoying the sunset, or just relishing the seasonal atmosphere, our local dining spots are ready to make your alfresco experience one to remember. So, let's pull on our favorite sweaters and step out for a taste of autumn in Nexton! 

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