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07 February . 2024

Hooray! Nexton is 3,000 homes happy

A little over 9 years ago, we broke ground on the very first home at Nexton. It was a Bayberry home by Saussy Burbank, a design that remains timeless to this day. Our vision for this corner of Summerville, felt ambitious, to say the least. But we knew a few things for certain: time is a person's most precious commodity, human-to-human connection is paramount over all else, and connection to and respect for the Lowcountry would always be important. Add a dash of almost-obsessive attention to detail, a penchant for being first (hello, GigaFi!), and the great minds of many, many people, and Nexton grabbed attention. First, from a few companies seeking a vibrant place for their headquarters. Next, a few pioneering homebuyers who trusted the vision put before them. From there, a whirlwind of groundbreakings, milestones, awards, and celebrations. 

Today, we're marking a big one. 3,000 homes sold. 3,000 happy homes in all shapes and sizes across four neighborhoods. Families from around the globe. Nationally acclaimed restaurants and businesses with major economic impact. Buzzing parks, playgrounds and pools. Miles of trails. 

So, what is it that makes Nexton so desirable to home buyers and business owners and restauranteurs? A persistent adherence to the core pillars we began with more than 10 years ago: innovation, diversity, wellness, design, and learning, combined with a sensible ability to adapt to what the market tells us (the market is you, by the way). So, if you're new here, welcome. We're so glad you found us. Below, a few reasons Nexton makes living, working, and playing here so desirable, so smart, and so fun.

Here, home is right-sized: There are many ways to call Nexton home. Distinct neighborhoods, each with a character all its own. Ten renowned homebuilders and more than five dozen home designs. Lowcountry cottages, convenient paired villas, single-story charmers, elegant townhomes, abode tailored to the 55+ crowd, and single family homes from the petite to the grand. Homesites are similarly varied, whether you'd like to skip the lawn mower all together or enjoy a simple Saturday tending to a vast veggie garden, you'll find it all at Nexton. 

Location is king: With accessibility to the area’s major employers including Volvo, Boeing, Bosch and Mercedes Benz Vans, Nexton has taken a strategic approach to community relocation. We've brought the homes closer to the workplaces. That means less time commuting, and more time with family. And when the mood strikes, we're still just a 35 minute drive from downtown Charleston. Five minutes to quaint, historic Summerville. And 40 minutes to the nearest beach. 

Rent the home, own the lifestyle: Maybe you're waiting for your home to be finished. Or you're a fresh grad just dipping your toe into living independently. Or maybe homeownership just isn't your jam. With a wide variety of rentals across many neighborhoods, Nexton lets you handpick the place that's right for you.

Sustainability is built in: From the innovative, eco-friendly home designs that save homeowners real dollars while being more gentle on the planet, to the 2,000 acres of designated woodlands, wetlands, parks and open space, we're feeling pretty green at Nexton. Maybe that's why we were named the 2022 Best Green Community by NAHB. And why calling Nexton home is such a smart move. 

Always learning: Speaking of smart, we're never not learning at Nexton. Two preschools and counting, an on-campus elementary school and a middle school on the way, and continuing education opportunities abound. Plus, our handy POA puts on a variety of brain-stimulating events for kiddos and adults alike. Curious about reptiles? Don't miss the annual visit from Edisto Serpentarium (and their not-so-furry friends). Is Pickle Ball on your must-learn list? Nexton has partnered with an instructor for on-site lessons. Interested in something else entirely? Drop the POA a line and make it happen. 

A P-O-A that brings the F-U-N: Nexton seems to get more beautiful, fun, and life-enriching every year. That's not by accident. The POA is what keeps Nexton feeling so...Nextony. The resident-supported programs fund community-bonding festivals and clubs, and take care of the many places to play, like swim clubs, playgrounds, and parks for dogs and people. And the good news that it only gets better as Nexton grows.

Ever-increasing convenience: Currently, we're at ~120 shops, offices, and eateries. By year's end, we could be closer to 200. Among the newcomers will be Harris Teeter and Publix grocery stores. A slew of restaurants and eateries. Coffee shops and dessert destinations. And office spaces that you may find yourself frequenting for appointments or perhaps even calling your own. Our commercial and shopping offerings are one of the most anticipated parts of Nexton, and our partners are always searching for the coolest, most innovative businesses to make your Nexton neighbors. 

Nexton-curious? Good, but the real magic comes from seeing it all for yourself. Plan to come see it all in person soon, and see how we walk the talk. We know you'll like how it all adds up.


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